Bicycle Rental

Bicycle Rental in Logan, Utah

Logan and the surrounding towns in Cache Valley are prime locations for riding bikes – both road and mountain. Because there is such a demand for cycling from visitors,  the shop offers both road and mountain bikes in a number of sizes. We also have a tandem bike available if you want to explore the area with your sweetie. We make every attempt to fit the bike to the rider so that they will have an enjoyable experience. Jeff Keller, our owner, is the only professional bike fitter in the Valley.

To help your adventure last, we offer discounts for multiple day reservations. Now there’s nothing keeping you from exploring this beautiful mountain town!

Reserve your bikes now!

If days you would like to reserve are already reserved, please call to verify inventory. Cancellation policy: We require a minimum 48 hours to cancel a reservation. Cancellations within 48 hours will not be eligible for a refund.