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The Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah is a 2.HC-rated UCI stage race, making it one of the top professional cycling events in North America. Showcasing some of the world’s most prestigious teams and cyclists for seven days, consisting of seven Stages. This event now attracts worldwide attention as the top international cycling event that follows the Tour de France. Nearly a decade since its opening circuit, the Tour of Utah, today, stands shoulder to shoulder with the most prestigious professional bicycle stage race events as Utah’s answer to the greatest cycling challenges the world has to offer.

The 2017 Tour of Utah will start in northern Utah returning to Logan and Cache County. Stage 1 will replicate the 132-mile route that was used in 2015. Starting in downtown Logan, the race will head up beautiful Logan Canyon. After cresting the King Of the Mountain (KOM) climb at 7,700 feet, the race will descend into Garden City and begin a 48-mile, clock-wise trip around turquoise-colored Bear Lake. The race will pass through the southeast corner of Idaho for a second time, turning off Highway 89 in St. Charles, and using Eastshore Drive to re-enter Utah on the eastern shores of Bear Lake. Riders hope to leave strong crosswinds behind as they return through Garden City for the short, but difficult, climb back up Logan Canyon. After a long descent on Highway 89 that passes Utah State University, riders will complete two downtown laps in Logan for an exciting finish at 100 East. The finishing circuits will favor a rider with strong technical skills and spectators will most likely enjoy a large field sprint.

The 2017 Tour of Utah begins and ends right here in front of Sunrise Cyclery. Come on down and enjoy this exciting event!

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The ride will start right in front of the shop. “Spectators are encouraged to line the course, which will begin on 100 East near Federal Avenue, for both the start and the finish. Activities will be held throughout the day. Details will be announced at a later date, Saxton said.

The finish line will be situated in the same location as the start, with riders making two laps through a downtown course that will take them along 100 East to Center and up along the Boulevard.

Following the race completion in Logan on Monday afternoon, racers will make their way into Cache Valley again with a start in Brigham City as they travel 94 miles on Tuesday with a finish at Snowbasin Resort.

The course will head through Wellsville Canyon on US 89/91 and travel into Wellsville along Highway 23 as they move toward Highway 30 and loop around to head back toward Brigham City as they parallel I-15 en route to Snowbasin.”