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Jeff Keller Jeff is as epic as it comes. He’s the founder of Sunrise Cyclery and co-founder of the 200+ mile long LoToJa bike race. In his spare time, Jeff is a prolific inventor and designer. He has multiple patents for bicycle related products, such as the NADS/Onza seatpost (one of the world’s only tool-less bicycle seatposts), and the revolutionary Z-Ox Wall Organization System. He prefers tomato-chips to potato chips, & enjoys wearing cowboy boots with shorts.


He is the first to develop the adjustable sizing crank and worked with Ben Serotta and Chis Jacobson. He has also worked with Paul Swift, Leonard Zinn and several other notables. Jeff specializes in bike fits and consults on Mondays.

Alexandra Bobella – Alexandra, originally from Southern California, moved to Logan to attend USU. She is an undergraduate student majoring in Biology and Religious Studies. After bringing her bike to Sunrise, she realized that her passion for learning extended to bike mechanics.

Naturally mechanical and quick to learn, she has become a great asset to our team. Now our manager, she is also our community event and outreach coordinator.

Trevor “T-Mac” McCleery – Trevor is a walking bike manual. He knows everything about anything, and loves to share his knowledge with anyone that’ll stand still long enough. On his days off, he enjoys working on his own bikes at his personal workshop. It’ll be a miracle if any money Trevor earns actually makes it to the bank before he spends it on new bike parts...

Trevor Leavitt   Trevor is a Certified Bike Fitter, and USA Cycling Coach. He has a BS in Exercise Physiology, with an emphasis in Biomechanics. He worked in a biomechanics lab assessing and analyzing cycling, running, lacrosse, baseball pitching, and other sports motion. He loves to help people get comfortable and help them achieve their goals without injury.

Trevor has always had a passion for the outdoors. When not working he is either riding his bike or exploring the mountains on his skis.

Mitch McConkie - New to the bicycle repair world, he has risen to join our team. Bringing skills from his studies in Mechanical Engineering at USU and fluent in English and Dutch, he is here to serve help with all of your fiets needs. 

Marcos Jones - Originally for Portugal, Marcos came to the US in 2006. Since then he has taken the IT world by storm. We are happy to have him as our IT extraordinaire. Unfortunately the rest of the team's mechanical skills do not transfer to software skills, but Marcos has us covered.

Reginald (Reggie) Kenneth Dwight - Our newest furry friend is Reginald (Reggie) Kenneth Dwight. After meowing outside of the shop and extensive efforts to find his owner, he has found a new home here at Sunrise

(B.F.D.) Bernard Francois DuBois Yes, he’s a cat. To look into Bernard’s eyes is to look into an ocean of knowledge & spiritual enlightenment. Although he spends most of his time scratching cardboard boxes, walking about the store with a certain John Wayne swagger or just sleeping... He is salaried.

Mila – She’s not just a dog... Mila is our most passionate greeter. Don’t be surprised if you see her on the tube ball outside, awaiting your arrival. She’s happy to pose with you for a selfie. Although, you’ll have to take the picture – she doesn’t have thumbs. 

Fran the Man – At 85, Fran is the oldest member of the Sunrise team and he has seen it all... As a former electrical engineer for IBM, he has a great skill set for bike mechanics and is our e-bike guru. He is the proud owner of Oliver, a handsome black and white cat, a.k.a. Bernard’s nemesis.