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Keep the Next Generation in Mind

Here at Sunrise Cyclery we do our best to make choices that keep Utah beautiful for the next generation. We do this by: giving donations to environmentally/ socially conscious non-profits whenever able, practicing reducing our waste

as a business, and keeping the bicyclists of Cache County on the road.


The picture on the right is an award given to us by the Utah Recycling Alliance

in recognition of our "outstanding waste reduction achievements."

Outside of Sunrise Cyclery, Jeff Keller (the owner) has multiple businesses that utilize the leftover materials from repairing bikes.

 Reused Inner Tubes = Art


Your eyes are not fooling you...

This ball is made of used bicycle inner tubes.

All of these inner tubes are the result of multiple

flat repairs per day. Which gets you thinking...

How much waste do other forms of transportation produce? 

Velo Sport Hangers

Cool, right?

These are the only hangers in the world made from actual bike bits. The natural curve of the bicycle rim creates a broad surface that is perfect for personal expression: quotes! The curve wipes out "hanger nipples" or "stretch marks"

on your favorite clothes.

Your clothes will never look better

or be more fun to hang up!

If you're curious and want to see these in person,

come visit us at our store.

   Blip Pots and Blip Seats


Along with used bike inner tubes, bike tires are also a waste item Sunrise Cyclery collects a lot of. A solution is sewing them all together which creates a pot, or a seat out of the tough rubber material. The  seats can be found inside the Sunrise Cyclery Store.

The pots our in our garden

& produce awesome heirloom tomatoes!

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