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Custom Bike Fitting. Something you can't Buy Online. 

When your body is set in a correct position for your bike, it encourages a full range of muscle engagement, better power, a faster ride and better endurance. If we translate this to normal language, the whole point of a bike fitting is to allow you to sit more comfortably, ride longer and more efficiently. We want you to enjoy your ride!

Wonder who will be fitting you to your bike? Jeff Keller is the man and he has been doing bike fitting for over 30 years. Jeff has worked and studied with Chris Jacobson who is now head of Shimano Fit, Lennard Zinn, Paul Swift, and many others.

In the photo, owner Jeff Keller is fitting a cyclist, Heather Laufer, at Paul Swift's Cycle Point Bike Fit Clinic in Salt Lake City.

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